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Jan 2018

Episode 4: Goose Lake


In our fourth episode we welcome SPECIAL guest, Jen Buffo. Jen has worked on many films and television shows, and this week she helps us create our first Adventure flick. Get ready to travel to the mysterious land of California in an alternate 1990s. It's Goose Lake!

Dec 2017

Episode 3: The Unrecyclables


This week we welcome friendo and good guy, Anderson William (Tiny Ways and Highways) to the podcast. With Anderson's help we create a movie that is part Amblin and part Attack of the Killer Tomatoes. Feast your ears on our new motion picture, The Unrecyclables!

Dec 2017

Episode 2: Immortal Zombie Baby


In this Episode we welcome Diego Garcia, a very familar face to anyone who's seen a commercial in the last 10 years.  We discuss what might happen if a zombie and a human had a child.  It's funny, sweet and action packed.  Be sure not to miss Immortal Zomby Baby.


Dec 2017

Episode 1: House 3


Hello and welcome to our very first podcast!  We know our audio quality is somewhat pooptacular on this episode but we promise if you hang in there it's totally worth it!  Plus we only get better from here. 

We're excited to share with you our latest film.

Special Guest: Cristian Bruce